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How long does it take for Snapchat to delete an inactive account?

Best Answer:
  1. For 30 days after deactivation, your friends won’t be able to contact you or interact with you on Snapchat.
  2. After that time, we will permanently delete your account and everything associated with it.

How to Delete Snapchat Account

Snapchat is a fun way for you to stay in touch with family and friends through images, videos or text messages. You can also add Snapchat lenses that transform your face into an animal, holiday decorations or other Snapchat filters. Snapchat feature stories from media outlets and personalities as well as live event coverage. With Snapchat stories and Snapchat chat features, you have the power to reach out to anyone instantly!  

How Long Does It Take To Delete A Snapchat Account? If you want to delete your Snapchat account before the time runs out of your paid subscription, then go ahead, but remember it is not possible once it reaches zero days remaining on the countdown timer. There are many reasons why people choose to delete their Snapchat accounts , that includes if you’ve been Snapchatting someone but now you and your friend have gotten in a fight, or even if you think Snapchat is taking a lot of their time and effort.

If Snapchat users prefer not to delete Snapchat account immediately but instead would like to keep Snapchat account for some days more using its basic features until the time runs out on your subscription plan there is nothing which prevents them from doing do. However, as mentioned previously this option is only available if your paid subscription has more than zero days remaining on the countdown timer however once the countdown timer hits zero it will start over again causing Snapchat accounts to be deleted permanently!  

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If Snapchat users are not very concerned about keeping Snapchat account for a few more days they should first change their Snapchat username so it’s unique however Snapchat users must remember to use the same Snapchat username that is currently being used on another Snapchat account, if Snapchat users in fact do have an existing Snapchat account with the same username as their current Snapchat account! This may seem like a step which is unnecessary but it’s actually worth doing since this will make deletion of Snapchat accounts later on much easier and quicker. Once Snapchat user has completed all these changes it’s time for them to access Snapchat Settings where they will see option to delete Craigslist account.


How long do you have to be inactive for Snapchat to delete your account?

1. To delete Snapchat, log in to an account on a browser.
2. To reactivate the account from deletion, log back into your account within 30 days.

How long does it take for Snapchat to delete?

Snapchat servers are designed to automatically delete messages sent in one-on-one Chat after both Snapchatters have opened and left the Chat. Messages can be set to delete after 24 hours by changing the erase rules in Chat Settings. All unopened Chats on snapchat, regardless of when they were received or how long ago, will be deleted from their servers 30 days after send date ‒ unless either chat member takes explicit action before then.

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What happens if Snapchat deletes your account?

1. Even while your account is disabled, your friends will not be able to contact or interact with you on Snapchat. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted and this means that:

2. your information in the database–including location data and device data;
all friendships; along with all Snaps, Chats, Stories, and account settings;
will be removed from our database completely.

Why would Snapchat deactivate my account?

If you have been using third-party applications or tweaks, sending spam, or behaving in an inappropriate manner otherwise, your account can be permanently locked.

Where do deleted snaps go?

After a photo has been opened through Snapchat, it is automatically deleted off the sender and recipient’s phones.

How do I delete an old Snapchat account?

There is no one definitive way to delete an old Snapchat account. Some users have reported success deleting their account by visiting the Snapchat website and clicking on the “Delete My Account” link, but others have found that this does not work. Alternatively, some users have been able to delete their account by emailing [email protected] and requesting that their account be deleted. Still others have had success deleting their account by deleting the app from their phone and then reinstalling it.

Why can’t I reactivate my Snapchat account?

Snapchat account reactivation is typically not possible because the account has been deleted by the user. Snapchat accounts are deleted when the user chooses “clear data” on the app’s settings. This clears all messages, photos, and other data from the account. Account reactivation is not possible because there is no record of the account information.

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Why has Snapchat deleted my account?

There could be a number of reasons why Snapchat has deleted your account. One possibility is that the company determined that you were violating its terms of service. For example, you might have been sharing prohibited content, such as nudity or copyrighted material. Another possibility is that Snapchat suspected you of using a third-party app to save Snaps or messages, which is against the company’s terms of service.

How do you delete Snapchat without password?

There is no one definitive way to delete Snapchat without a password. One option is to try and reset the password using the email or phone number associated with the account, but this may not be successful if the account has been hacked or compromised. If you are able to log in, another option is to delete the account from within the app menus. However, if you are unable to log in, you can try deleting the app completely from your device, or contacting Snapchat support for help.

Can you reactivate an old Snapchat account after 30 days?

Snapchat account deactivation is a process by which a user can disable their Snapchat account for an indefinite amount of time. Deactivation will hide the account from the app and website, but the data and messages will still be stored on Snapchat’s servers. If a user chooses to reactivate their account within 30 days of deactivating it, all of their data will be restored. If they do not reactivate their account within 30 days, their data will be permanently deleted.

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