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How do I deactivate my Adobe account?

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  1. In the Privacy settings, scroll down to ‘Delete Account.’ Carefully read all text on that screen before clicking continue.

If you have an Adobe ID, you can deactivate it at any time by visiting the Adobe account page and clicking “Deactivate Account.” You may also use this link to walk through a step-by-step process for deleting your Adobe account. Once your account is deleted, you will no longer be able to log in or access your online profiles or products using that account. If you have paid for any software already, you will continue to own and have access to the software unless and until charges are fully refunded under the refund policies of that product. Note: Your online profile data (such as contacts) is tied to your Adobe ID, so if other users know your profile URL they can still get it even after deactivation. If you want to avoid this, change your profile URL before deactivation.

“Deactivate Account – Delete your Adobe ID and delete all associated information stored by Adobe.” You may also use this link to permanently delete your account, including the data stored in it. Once you delete the account, it’s gone for good! Before doing so, however, see below for important information about what will happen to any products registered under that account. Note: Deletion of an account is permanent and cannot be undone. Please take care when deciding whether or not to proceed with the deletion of an account, as there are no steps available to recover access to content created or hosted within an account if a decision is made after deletion that the content needs work, requires revision, has to be recovered for other purposes, or if you just made a mistake.

Deleting an account may also have consequences for orders or subscriptions associated with that account. If you are the owner of an order or subscription and wish to delete your account crated using that same account, please contact us at [email protected] and let us know so we can make sure your subscription is canceled properly so as to avoid any interruptions in access to the services involved.

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If you decide not to use any products remaining under your Adobe ID after deleting it, no action on your part is necessary; these products will automatically become inactive (http://www.adobe.com/support/status_deletedaccount


How do I cancel my Adobe account?

Determine which plan you want to cancel so that you can view the information about that plan. Select Cancel plan under Plan information, and follow onscreen instructions.

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How do I remove Adobe license from my computer?

Open the app that you want to suspend, and sign in if prompted. If you select Help > Deactivate choose one of the following options (when prompted): Deactivate or Suspend Activation: Temporarily suspends the app but retains licensing information on your computer.

Can you get a refund from Adobe?
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To cancel a Transactional Licensing Program for Adobe products, you must contact the company within 14 days of the scheduled delivery. The whole order will be refunded at that time; partial refunds are unavailable.

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